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1 Bedroom, 1 Bath (Sleeps 2)
$125 per night

An Islander Home Away from Home

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 This unique 1 Bedroom Home, 1 Bath is in a private residential neighborhood in the village of Tafuna.  A home built a few years ago, has air-conditioned rooms with outside patio and a roof covered driveway. Perfect for sunning or dining.

Catching an "Aiga Bus" will take you to the trendy Laufou Shopping Center and nearby restaurants in the village of Nu'uuli. From there, the bus can take you on a picturesque ride to downtown's Fagatogo Square Shopping Center, the  Fagatogo Market Place, and other beautiful villages of Tutuila Island. 

If you are seeking rest, relaxation and the experience of living in the Pacific Islands without worrying of hot water, cable television, or wi-fi internet access, Islander Home Rental is for you. 



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